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Henry Cesneros

While studying Art History and the University of Texas, Henry Cesneros, became intrigued with the concept of found art. Henry utilizes mundane garage items such as spark plugs, motorcycle bike chain, nuts, bolts, nails and screws, which have been previously discarded to produce common identifiable objects.

While some may regard recycled-art or found art to be junk, Henry prefers to give life to the items he creates, adding in movable parts and whimsical features. His assemblage works include the combination of several found objects and fabrication to alter their appearance. Recognized items include likenesses from RoboCop, Star Wars, (Boba Fett/Jango Fett), Predator and Alien (in five different poses), along with commonly known items such as dragons, dinosaurs, scorpions, dogs and singing frogs.

Henry is especially proud of the series of motorcycles he created, using bearings, plumbing fixtures and hex bolts. These rival Harley Davidson Motorcycles, the Supernatural Ghost Rider Motorcycle and the Triumph Steve McQueen Edition Motorcycle. Each has wheels that rotate and handlebars that turn. Each of the seven different designs is weighted so they free stand and have a kickstand for authentication.